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Ok. Thanks. I def need to brush up on the technical language. But it seems like you're saying that unless I get those retrofitted for the original configuration, I won't get the most out of em. Unfortunately I just spent 500 getting them tuned up at analog lab which fixed a lot of the noise issues. by the way, the guys there were all pretty revved up about these units and didn't mention the misguided renovations, and I thought they seemed to be reliable as far as how they value gear. Nonetheless, I can't see putting much more $ into these for a while. The reason I wanted to try the line ins on the back might be a bit of laziness and a bit of signal precaution. My EQs are currently hard-wired into a tube compressor and then they go back into the patch bay. I figured I could save some signal integrity by joining these two. But, for instance, if I want a clean piano sound, the neve pres seem to add a little too much grit. I wanted to hear what it was like to only use the EQ...You're saying I probably can't but you can't be sure unless you saw the units...
Thanks a lot. I'll definitely hold on to your e-mail for the future.
Out of curiosity, as far as color and sound go (not tech specs as I'm kind of ignorant there) what exactly would I notice about the Neves if I were to have them re-fitted to resemble the original config?
Get thee to a real tech or send them to Geoff in Hollywood for correction. Your techs are not up to standard and you just got rripped off. I advise reappearing at the tech's office with your "collection agent" to obtain a refund.

Don't screw around and get back to Nevesound.