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To get started you can use the SR16 to input midi into your DAW. You can adjust the midi note number out on the SR16 pads themselves to send the midi note you are wanting to trigger if using software.

IF you are wanting to send midi data to the DAW then the DAW midi output back to the SR16 to play the SR16's sounds you set LOCAL=OFF on the SR16. Other option if you like to program on the SR16 is to just send it midiclock from the DAW to sync it up

Best option IMO is to get a keyboard with drum pads on it as well. The pads are way bigger than the SR16 pads and have a better feel. You can then use the keyboard as you mentioned for other virtual instruments. Akai makes some cool ones. This is all according to budget, how many keys you need, how many faders you want etc.

It really comes down to how you like to tactile input stuff. I use an E Kit here to input drums, keyboard controller or drum machine pads depending on what Im doing