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Old 12th May 2017
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MIDI Drums Through SR 16 or Keyboard Controller?

I hope that I am posting this in the correct forum.

I am wondering what people would suggest about constructing MIDI drum tracks either through a keyboard controller, or using (in my case) my old drum machine, an Alesis SR 16 (using one of these cables

I can think of advantages and disadvantages of using each, with the main ones being:
- The drum machine (via the pads) provides a more immediate, and drum-like way of inputing MIDI information to my DAW

- A keyboard would be more convenient for adding MIDI parts for other instruments such as piano, brass, woodwind, strings, and so on

I do not know much about keyboard controllers with pads, but presume that this might be a very good combination of tactile input (via pads), and having the flexibility of keys for adding MIDI information for the kinds of instruments I described above.

I would very much appreciate people's opinions and advice about this, and about any other issues which I should consider.