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Indeed their new 2.0 website is nothing short of horrific, imo.
I'd finally found a licensing platform that seemed decent and had uploaded a few tracks and even submitted on a few of their "music wanted" listings.

Not sure what their cut was before this upgrade, but I'm seeing things like 40% commission, but if you go "pro", it's only 25%, etc.

This new "credit" currency system is also doing my head in.
Wait, if I submit to this listing, it will cost me 4 credits of my available 35 as a free user?
If I go "pro" then I get more tokens to play this licensing roulette game?


Then they have this new dashboard with the "Deals" board, and the "Music Wanted" board, just to confuse things even more.
Admittedly I haven't done too much research on this new upgrade to learn more about the new features but it's confusing as f____ as it is now.
I'll head over later and see if there's an FAQ of sorts to help us figure out.