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There has been a huge amount of development on MixBus so I might not agree 100% on Kodebode's insistence of a totally free upgrade but thought I'd add my experience to this thread...

I too bought in to MixBus way way back (v1.5) and it was indeed virtually unusable so I gave MixBus a very wide berth until I read about the new features and increased stability MixBus v4 and decided to give it a demo.

I still find problems nearly every session (yesterday clicking on MH Channelstrip caused a crash literally 5 times in a row and then mysteriously stopped?) but I do actually really love the work-flow.

My biggest problem now is the sour taste of Harrison's upgrade policy.

I bought MixBus v4 and then 32C (before 32C v4 was released) at the pre-32C v4 release sale price of $120 and was told new/existing owners of 32C would be given a further discount when 32C v4 was released.

To their credit they did send out emails for $129 "loyalty" upgrade prices to existing owners. And some owners received even lower offers.... BUT now two weeks later, as a new customer, you can buy 32C v4 from Harrison's affiliates for $199.

So, in my case, $249 for a "loyal" customer and $199 for new customers.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

After seeing that my thought is to just keep MixBus v4 and try and see if I can sell my 32C v3 license.

No big squeals. It's just software and I have others I use more (PT12/LPX) and it was only $120 (if I can't sell my license) and I do really like MixBus v4 so, but, well, you know?