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I recently overhauled my home studio and purchased the Apollo MKII Twin, a TLM 103, and an SPL Track One Channel Strip. I was so very underwhelmed by the SPL Track One, so much so that I am nearly decided on sending it back and replacing it with the UA SOLO 610 or 710 Twin-Finity. I am seeking pointers on this decision, even created my own thread but have gotten no response (probably because I have not really learned what to do here on Gearslutz, lol). Anyway, my feeling is that the TLM 103 will really shine on a Tube Pre more than Solid State (and that is based off of all my work with a U87 through an LA-610, which are both out of range for me). Is it not the pre and should I have gone with the C-414 over the 103? I do almost exclusively vocals (80% hip hop, 20% male/female vox). I also already have a baby bottle, a reactor, and the Avantone CV-12 Tube Mic. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
I've checked your thread and it's on the right place - wait a few days to see if anyone replies, maybe give it a little bump after that.

The search function is your friend, maybe there are past threads that may not be exactly about your issue but can still help you out, like these two:

is the tlm 103/ua 710 a good combinations?