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Old 10th May 2017
Here for the gear

I recently overhauled my home studio and purchased the Apollo MKII Twin, a TLM 103, and an SPL Track One Channel Strip. I was so very underwhelmed by the SPL Track One, so much so that I am nearly decided on sending it back and replacing it with the UA SOLO 610 or 710 Twin-Finity. I am seeking pointers on this decision, even created my own thread but have gotten no response (probably because I have not really learned what to do here on Gearslutz, lol). Anyway, my feeling is that the TLM 103 will really shine on a Tube Pre more than Solid State (and that is based off of all my work with a U87 through an LA-610, which are both out of range for me). Is it not the pre and should I have gone with the C-414 over the 103? I do almost exclusively vocals (80% hip hop, 20% male/female vox). I also already have a baby bottle, a reactor, and the Avantone CV-12 Tube Mic. Any thoughts will be appreciated.