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Old 10th May 2017
I find the contrary comments to a simple observation - that I paid for software that never worked reliably and it would be fair for the software vendor to redress this, interesting to say the least.

I am somewhat amused that many think it's ok for software vendors to release software that does not work reliably, especially when there was no opportunity to demo it before it was bought, especially as they have paid for such things in the past that never worked, and they accept it.

That's ok. Interesting opinions. At the very least, I now understand why these substandard practices exist, because some of the purchasing public accepts these practice.

I have taken a long hard look at the position of Harrison, as I see it, and will no longer pursue the issue.

I'll simply write off my previous investment and interest in the Harrison DAW's, accept my loss, learn my lesson never to invest in software vendors with suspect practices(e.g. lack of demo versions prior to purchase), and move on.

I've recreated the Harrison claim to fame (saturation, compressor/limiter, and eq's) in other ways, in Reaper, using corresponding plugins from other reliable software vendors.

With Reaper, at least I am entitled to upgrades for at least two versions, but it's a different vendor, different promises, so no point in comparing.

I appreciate all the feedback. It was most enlightening.

Case closed.