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Old 9th May 2017
Here for the gear
I won't be joining your crusade

Sorry, but I won't be joining your crusade. I have bought and paid for a lot of software that either never really worked, or it became obsolete and unusable.

I've used Mixbus from V2.4 and the basic functionality has always worked. At this point, Mixbus 32C V4, if there is anything I need it to do that doesn't work, I haven't found it yet.

I do have several thousand dollars worth of software that has been put aside because it doesn't compare with Mixbus.

Not to be rude, but I find your campaign to be in extremely poor taste. If you want to try the Vs4 software, there is a demo available. If you try it and like it, then buy it like the rest of us did and quit whining.