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This is my opinion on Omni 2.

I bought it almost 3 years ago. I also have Serum, Massive, Tal-uno-lx, and Arturia v4 (with a few v5s)

so IMO Omni could take the roll of ALL of these other V synths I listed. It sounds so good, and has seemingly infinite possibilities. I really feel like there is nothing it can't do.

But... I find my self hardly using it. For me it's all about how quick and easy I can get the sound in my head into the session. And I find my self using most other synths I listed more than OMNI. I'm the kind of guy who needs something that sounds great with little effort, I don't have the time or luxury of scrolling through tens of thousands of sounds/pre-sets to get a single element for a track or a song. I'm extremely competent in synth programing, but OMNI is so vast I get lost in tweaking other than making music.

To answer the OP...YES it has really great if not, the best pads and bells. It also has some really huge, lush choir pre-sets, but if your looking for a professional choir library I would look elsewhere. OMNI is a synth more than a orchestral sampler.

Good luck!