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I now have the Creator's Upgrade. Still no tweaking required, in my case.

Interesting note from Cakewalk Sonar about not using the Gaming Mode.

"Your DAW is not a Game"
The observed performance with Game Mode did not to hold up to its claims of smoother performance, at least for SONAR running on a well tuned system. This could be because Game Mode allocates a fixed amount of resources while SONAR wants to use all CPU cores. On a DAW where SONAR is the only app running turning on Game Mode could result in worse performance in this scenario. On an underpowered system where there are other background processes, game mode could be beneficial by preventing unwanted interactions with other apps or services.
Our suggestion for now is not to use Game mode for SONAR, at least for the initial release of the Creator’s Update. Perhaps a future update may improve on performance, but at this time we don’t see any improvement in SONAR’s performance with this feature.