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Originally Posted by boboji View Post
Not sure on the others but the Mackie 8 buss pres are not the same as the VLZ.
I mix on a 24/8 and every once in a while I use the pres and they're passable as long as you don't use them on featured instruments. I've heard that the onyx pres are muc much better but consider the cost. You can get an 8 buss board for really cheap so it depends what you need the pres for. The Soundcraft boards are going to have better eqs. Probably best to look there.
When you said 8-bus pre is not the same as VLZ, is it for better or worse? At this low end I'd think what I want is less noisy and that's it.

I'm planning to track it through as a front end of my DAW and for monitoring/routing. And it will not be the main pre.