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There's plenty of evidence to NOT change processor scheduling in Windows. For example:

Note that I also believe that changing the scheduling MAY help, because it may mask one or more other problems with your setup, but I wouldn't just automatically change this setting in Windows out of the gate.

I believe it was a recommendation from Steinberg dating to the time of Windows XP. Chances are, if it makes any improvement at all (rather than making things worse), you probably have better bang for the buck with different drivers or a different audio interface with better drivers instead of mucking with a lot of Windows settings. You may also be having issues from crappy drivers written for other hardware you might have, or just crappy USB in general as some USB chipsets can cause issues resolved by getting a PCIe USB 3.0 card with a Frescologic chip.

Yes, check the apps and services running in the background - the fewer the better (esp. any software that does automatic scanning, like antivirus). The Audient guide is pretty good, except for the aforementioned Processor Scheduling.