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OK ... Just trying to straighten the last bits out to be ready to totally copy you and never try to do anything original myself

... so additive compression on OH's and Sans Amp on kick and snare and no drumbus-compressor...
But how about compression on kick and snare (and toms if they get dedicated mics)? From what I've read in different threads here you dont mention any compression on them... Does that mean NO compression at all or does it mean that you generally speaking just compress them a bit for taming dynamics?
If so any favourite comps or just whatever is available?

Thanx again for doing this - not only your sounds but also your attitude is so very inspiring...
Best regards
Snare most often gets the compressor treatment. Kick and toms, if it's convenient (SSL) or there's a problem.
Distressor, DBX160x, Omnipressor...whatever.
It's always this or that. I use drumbuss comp when needed. More now than in the past. Changing taste I guess.