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Old 4th May 2017
I like the direction this DAW is going BUT there are a couple of things I have hoped to find in this release:

Layout customisation:

1. The EQ and Busses layout needs work. One really cool feature MB has over the 32C is the way the name of the busses changes automatically in the channel strip. The Freq number and Q values are too small on any screen smaller than 28". In MB4, the freq value would show in the channel's name when 32C it only shows the dB levels for the bus sends. Sure you can increase the font size or the mixer size but it doesn't address the problem. I don't see a section where you can customise the layout of the channel strip.
2. Therefore, the channel strips are too tall. On a laptop MB 32C is unusable. MB4 barely... but workable
3. I don't understand the drop of support for the 32 bit version...

Apart from that, I am having great fun mixing on this thing.