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I'm either too busy or lazy to do it myself, can't decide which, but someone should download all the files, scramble up the order, name them each for a US State, and repost. Then we'll see. Canola oil is far more popular than rapeseed oil, and I imagine the Chandler Redd would outsell the same exact thing but named New Jersey.
I agree, a scrambled bunch would be fun, just to let your ears pick out perhaps the three best sounding mic's as you hear them, then find out which they were out of this broad field.

I keep listening and I keep coming back to the Bock 251.

I really wanted to love the Redd mic, it's certainly interesting but the highs sound too far back for me.

None of the Telefunken models grabbed my attention tonally but their ridiculous high prices sure caught my eyeballs.

The Bock 251 is bright but it's also very fat down low, it seems like it would be easy to mix with to me, no need for any high frequency eq at all.

Good music to all!