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I can split my opinion on three categories: unusable, usable, great. Unusable means that I wouldn't use this microphone on this vocalist, not that is unusable in different scenario, but it would just make me work too much to get what I would like to hear. Usable means that I would use it in the mix and be perfectly happy with the results. Great means that I would just have to work less to get it where it's finished. I just listened to the male voice. I'm sure that the result's between usable and great would be mixed if that would be blind test (price tag also forces more radical opinion), but I'm pretty sure "unusable" would stay more or less the same.

So my opinion is:
AKG C214 - unusable - yuck, it's worse than Behringer C1, I used it before and it is really bad sounding microphone
AKG C314 - usable
AKG C414 XLII - usable
AKG C414 XLS - usable
ASTON ORIGIN - unusable - wow that's harsh
Audio Technica 4033 - usable
Audio Technica 4047, 4050, 4040 - usable
Audio Technica 5040 - great - dark but not muffled, nice sibilants
Avantone CV12 - usable
Behringer C1 - unusable - but could work great for example on a guitar cab, it sound's like it has built in exciter
Blue Baby Bottle - usable
Blue Bluebird - unusable
Blue Bottle - usable
Bock 251 - unusable - it's too bright to me, I wouldn't like to have to mix it
Bock iFet - usable
Chandler REDD - great - great body, great sibilants, it's quite bright but in a very classy way
Lauten Clarion - usable
Lauten LA-220 - usable
Lauten La-320 - usable
Lauten Oceanus - usable
Manley Gold - usable
Manley Reference - usable
Miktek CV3 - unusable - I don't get the hype behind this microphone, it's very bright but too high in the spectrum
Miktek CV4 - usable
Miktek MK300 - usable
Mojave MA-50 - unusable - eeewww
Mojave MA-201FET - unusable
Mojave MA-300 - usable
Mojave MA-300FET - usable
Neumann TLM49 - usable
Neumann TLM103 - unusable - scratchy sound but midrange is very good, would work on a softer voice
Neumann U47FET - usable
Neumann U87Ai - usable
Rode NT1 - usable
Rode NT1A - usable
Rode NTK - usable
Se 2200 - usable
Se X1S - usable
Shure KSM32 - usable
Shure KSM44 - usable
Soundelux U99 - great
Soundelux U195 - usable
Telefunken AK47 - unusable
Telefunken AR-51 - usable
Telefunken ELAM 251 - unusable - just too bright
Telefunken U47 - great
Warm Audio WA87 - usable

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