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In the past calendar year, I've composed, performed and produced 130 tracks for four different PMA libraries. The tracks were Active/Modern/80's rock tracks in which I played guitar, bass, keyboards and programmed the drums (which for me, is exhausting and time consuming), mixed, with 70 mastered (the other 60 were mastered by the library). Those 60 tracks needed five TV edits per track, whereas the rest were 1:30-2:00 minutes in duration with no edits necessary.

My situation might be different than most because I have two children under the age of 10 (including a preschooler) and with Winter Break (23 days), Spring Break (11 days), summer break (8 weeks), admin days, sick days and so on, 130 is definitely the top end of the limit in which can possibly do each year in that genre. This year, I've already produced 36 tracks and need another 64 before September 1st because the show I score on Discovery channel begins its second season in November.

I can't even imagine doing 1,000 tracks. That's insane.