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Different beasts but I really like them both. Along with some other posters here, I regularly put a small high shelf up a db from about 5-7K and a low shelf down starting at around 240 on the Copperhead for male vocalist with some bass in their voice. It's my favorite Tele in the reasonable price range and has full, slightly modern sound. It was a keeper in our study.

The Amethyst is a bit cleaner but that VD67 capsule gives you a nice full mid range for non-tube mic. Can't go wrong with either. You can probably get a Copperhead to try before you buy. The Amethyst are on sale right now.
Wow another 70% sale! Def wanted to go get one at some point. If the price is cheap in UK again will do so.

At mo, am prob going to get a Stellar CM6 to get 'bright' sorted asap, and eventually the Amethyst Vintage will be my 'medium' warm mic, with my Horch being other end of spectrum.