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Is it possible to do 1,000 tracks a year for big libraries? What would happen if you do 1,000 tracks a year for big libraries over the course of 5 years?
I can write 3 tracks a day long, all month long - maybe even for a year. It's not incredibly hard if you're writing simple music, but.....

I can't write 3 tracks a day, ORCHESTRATE 3 tracks a day, MIX 3 tracks a day, do BROADCAST EDITS for 3 tracks a day, MASTERING for 3 tracks a day, keep my database updated for 3 tracks a day, do the metadata for 3 tracks a day, do research and then contact enough companies to place 3 tracks a day, and upload enough data to deliver 3 tracks a day.

One year I did somewhere around 350 tracks. It was an incredibly busy year. And a lot of the tracks were only "TV" good - not major library good. I didn't have a spare minute all year long. Not a single minute. And not enough sleep. And honestly, it wasn't my best creative effort year.

IMO, 1000 is not do-able without a team supporting your effort - assistant composer, orchestrator, mix engineer, assistant, mastering engineer, agent placing your material, etc.. And even then, you would not have a life.

Plus, to do this for FIVE years? Not a life I'd want to live. Not worth any amount of money.