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I don't know of any production team that would hire a single composer to write 1,000 cues in a year. The problem is, if I see a guy that wants to kick out that much music, it's usually someone that wants an upfront money grab and has no thought for quality or what might actually get used.

If you're talking about a team of composers... and I'm talking 10-30 guys, then yeah, they might be able to do 1,000 pieces a year. But even then you'd have a very large amount of filler. I hate filler. And I hate vanilla, homogeneous, I have Komplete Ultimate/8dio/Heavyocity whatever too music.

If a person wants to make 1,000 pieces of music that required one finger per track, great. But generally speaking, that's not the type of music the "big" libraries are looking to buy.