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It's absolutely possible. But....

Recently, I finished a bunch of atmospheric cues. Around 2 min each. Very minimalistic, using sounds from libraries; not creating my own from scratch. I might have added some filtering, pitch shifting, distortion and other fx, but the sounds have already been created. Layered a bunch of stuff, added some strings, some piano, some Zebra synth here and there, did some automation to pull things in and out, and so on. in a long day (13-14 hrs), I was able to do 5 per day. So, even if I were to take a day off here and there, I could do those at a rate of about 1,750 per year.

I am about to start working on a bunch or orchestral/hybrid/drama/action cues. About 1:30 > 1:40 each. Will use some loops, sounds I have readily avail in my template, tricks and techniques that I use on these types of tracks all the time. In fact, many of these will be similar to other tracks I have written in this genre. But they will be diff enough. Of these, there is no way I would be able to do 1k per year; I can do 2 per day.

I just did a cue upon req from a lib I do work for. 2:45, and really, really dense in terms of arrangement - a ton of elements, layer upon layer of stuff... actually had to go outside my template to find some things I felt I needed... lots of producing. This one took me an entire 14 hr. day. Tracks like this, I would be able to do 300 per year at best.

So, yeah, it's possible to have a 1k per year output, but you need to:

1) Have the ability to work really fast, with a good, solid workflow already down pat
2) Have a really large, and complex template that you know really well, that has a ton of stuff already loaded and ready to go
3) Be writing stuff you are familiar and comfortable with
4) In most cases, use loops
5) Be free of distractions to remain focused
6) Not post on GS that often