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At one point I had a cm-5, cm-6, and the unreleased cm-7. At the end of the day, I only kept the cm-6 for Vocals. My chain is CM-6->BAE 1073->WA76->Stam SA-2A->EQP-WA. For the money I don't know what could beat this chain for most vocalists in the pop/rap/r&b world.

+1. I don't find the cm5 very good on vocals despite it being a c12/251 variant. Never had any luck with it there. It excels as an instrument mic though which is why I have a pair.

The CM6 on the other hand is a real "u87 killer". One of the most versatile and expensive sounding vocal mics I've tried. Sonically I would say it's in Manley Ref. territory.

[EDIT] just re-read your opening post and somehow I missed that you wanted a Manley Ref! No coincidence that you are looking at the CM6. As I just posted they have similar sonic attributes. Good luck.