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One thing to keep in mind is that you may want to get a used CM6? The original designer and creator of the Stellar brand had a split with his business partner (his son I believe) and is going off to start a new company and line of mics slightly based on the heritage the CMx series but " slightly improved" in his words.

What this means is that the CM6 and CM5 will still be made but not by the original designer and some of their parts will be sourced from slightly different places now since Peter (the father) took some of his manufacturing leads with him. The son will continue to run and sell the Stellar branded mics however.

I do not know if the newer CM6 and CM5's are inferior or on par but I have two legacy CM5's and a CM6 and they are really special mics, especially the CM6. It pairs well with tube pres as well as SS pres so you should get some real quality recordings with the Fearn. I especially like the CM6 with the Great River Pres...match made in heaven! But I guess those GR pres make any vocal sound expensive don't they? Good luck!