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Old 30th April 2017
Guys, this is totally the kind of info I wanted to hear - massively useful, thanks so much!

Basically I'm after my 'pop' mic, or the mic that brings out the top end detail and air in people with too much low in their voice - like mentioned was going to get the Ref C for this, but have a killer and wildly expensive Fairchild vocal compressor in my sights at the moment, so my budget needed to be reconsidered, and i can always up grade in a few years.

Preamp wise I will use with my Fearn VT1 and prob a Neve clone.

For more vintage vibes I got a Horch RM2J mk2 (just got a ton of tubes in for it from Bowie), and a 3U gz47fetV (which sound in same family - just not as 3D and detailed). So I think the CM6 will be a very appropriate contrast.

I might get the CM6 body customised by a company here to make it look a bit more 'glamourous'!