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Of these, I have the Sony mdr-7506, Beyer DT770, Senn HD280, and AT M50.

They all have their pros and cons and I would pick each for specific purposes. If I could only have one though it would be the M50's. They isolate well and sound very good. The mdr-7506 have a scooped sound and are light on your head. Vocalists tend to like them. I usually use the hd250's for drummer as they isolate very well. The Beyers are very good but not quite as good as the M50's IMHO. That may be a result of the source. I could be wrong but the Beyers might be more demanding to get the most out of them. Either that or they take a long time to break in.

For critical listening I would rate them like this...

1. M50
2. DT770
3. MDR-7506
4. HD280

For isolation

1. M50
2. HD280
3. DT770
4. MDR-7506

For general listening...

1. MDR-7506
2. M50
3. DT770
4. HD280

The HD280 hits the bottom of the list a lot in regards to sound quality but I should stress that all these cans sound good and sometimes it is a tight race between four good sets of cans and I like my hd250's. I believe they cost the same as the Sony's. The Sony's don't cut it for isolation in my book and they aren't good for mastering but they sound very nice especially for vocal music or acoustic instruments, strings, etc. The HD280's feel sturdier, isolate great and sound decent. If you want cans all around for a home studio they are the way to go. They have a nice balanced sound too. The M50's are killer for bass. They have those 45mm drivers and can really rock. They also have a flat enough response that mixes translate fairly well. You just have to make sure not to under emphasize the bass. The DT770's have a more airy presentation and a better sound stage. They don't isolate as well as the M50's and less bass but would also work well for mixing.

At least that's my perception. Others may hear things differently.

Edit: Just realized this thread is kind of old. I'll leave it here anyway since I took the time to type it!