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I have a couple of questions you might be able to answer even though you didn't track the album ... And I really love that album so I'll try and shoot

You said that all reverb on the album comes from the recordning in a church (none added during mix). But I'm wondering how the the reverb from the church-room was recorded? I can see at least a couple of possible ways...

1 Spill ... so that the guitar ends up not only on the guitar-tracks but also to a minor degree on drumtracks, basstrack etc. recorded simultaneously
2 Dedicated ambience tracks either recorded during the basic take of the song (ie. one stereo ambience-track for all the basic instruments) or dedicated ambience-tracks recorded for each instrument if they were overdubbed later...
3 Or is it just your additive compression pulling the reverb out from some ordinary close-mic'ed tracks
4 Something entirely diferent?!?

I'm simply asking cos I love the sound of that album so it would great to know just a bit about how that sound was achieved during tracking/mixing...

We could take the first song on the album 'Thats how you sing amazing graze' as an example ... but any other song would also be cool if you recall that better!


All of the above. I didn't try to control it. I don't remember specifics so I'm afraid that's all there is.