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I may end up getting some Klasiks at some point this year if I feel I could use the extra reference. After lots of reviewing I did decide to get the Amphion's over APS. Yes I know there is hype train about them here, but it's not just gearslutz that has great things to say. Pretty much everywhere I've looked.

Although I think it would be nice to have something with great image and a little more SPL for showing off. Oh and just around $1000 for the pair, not bad at all.

Do any Klasik users experience any port shuffling at higher volume? rds you've had yours for a little time now, how do you like them?
Thanks for replies guys,


About port shuffling i don't know, i didn't crank them up yet, i'm still break-in them a bit. I just received them this thuesday so not has really time to make any real opinions about them and the reason is that i have to purchase an analog volume controller because right now with my interface i got some issues in that regards. See my related post here :

Should i use an analog level monitor control to keep the signal cleaner ?

Once i'll get the volume controller i'll do more extensive listening tests.

The only thing for now that i can say about those monitors is that for their size they don't fear the abyss of the low spectrum !