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Old 20th April 2017
Here for the gear

Like some others here I needed a new controller to replace my old Logic control. The Behringer XTouch and Qcon Pro x were the main contenders to choose from I'd agree that the Qcon looked more like a pro product but has a much bigger foot print. Behringer have published a number of helpful videos that demonstrate practical use on the unit on different DAW's which gave me a lot more confidence that it would work with my setup. As per usual Qcon simply haven't put any serious resources into promoting their flagship product leaving only very brief vids on un-boxing and 2 minute summaries at Namm or Musicmesse. In the end I decided on the Behringer bang for buck, footprint ,expand-ability (8 channel expanders on the way) and compatible with the DAW's that I use the most. In this respect the qcon strikes me as possibly style over substance for me in this price bracket Bheringer has a clear edge and best of all its cheaper than the Qcon.