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Old 15th April 2017
There are lots of sleazy outfits -- and not all of them are in former Russian slave states -- who'll put their 'like farms' to work for deep-pocketed individuals or promo teams who want to create the illusion of popularity (as well as ginning up fake listens/views, and faking widespread ad-exposures for various advertising revenue scams).

These gray-market-at-best organizations are largely in the same netherworld as the fake news and ad-mill sites -- and they are not exactly well-liked by the media exposure platforms like SoundCloud and Youtube that they parasitically infest. In fact YT has periodically very publicly gone on the warpath against such fake-view and other scammers, since they understand that if anyone is to take their metrics seriously -- and money rides on them -- that they have to squeegee as much fakery out as possible. And Soundcloud has a number of articles on avoiding scams and reporting spam and other 'fake activity.' [see link below]

I'm not going to elaborate a moral position here -- I think the 'morality' or lack thereof of lying to get ahead is a pretty straightforward proposition.

But I think it might well be unwise to engage in fake popularity schemes. Imagine how you'd feel if that was exposed...

Soundcloud: Reporting fake activity