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Old 15th April 2017
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Should music producers get soundcloud automotion tools 2 increase real followers?

I have a moral question here. I'm sure there are enough musicians and producers to get into this.

I myself have been doing music for quite some time, and having my "out there" has always been difficult, i.e. soundcloud followers. Musicians have to stick to music, not promotion in my humble opinion. A while ago I started this peculiar automotion tool for soundcloud users - SoundCloud Helper macOS (Not Your Classical Bot) TLDR: this is a simple automotion bot that lets you target people from other artists' following. It is important to underline, that this is not some spam bot, but rather a tool meant to reach an audience that will really be into my music, i.e. if I target a label that fits my style. Currently, this tool is available for Mac OSX users alone.

Still, once that is said, do you think music producers should get such automation tools, when i.e. this bot is meant to help you reach real people, who have a high chance of liking your/my music?

This is not a million dollars startup, so please spare sh** out and try to be a bit constructive for me where, thank you.