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Commercial Airlines suck. I have stoped flying altogether. I hope I do not ever have to fly again but more than likely at some point I will but I sued to fly a lot and they have lost business because they simply do not treat people like humans.

Back from 2003 - 2007 I was doing the Flatpick Contest circuit and of course I had to fly to many of the contests. Southwest Air was good to me. I'd usually try to catch one of the flight attendants prior to their boarding and explain that my guitar was a vintage Martin and that I really could not store it in the cargo bay and they would always agree to carry it on for me prior to boarding the flight and it would get its own upper head bin.

I of course got lucky every time and there is always the risk of not getting them to help you out.

Overall, I find flying so uncomfortable and with the time wasted at airports it is just such a deterrent that I avoid it at all costs.