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I have a question are the latencies round trip on 8pre and 4pre the same? the website seems to focus on the 8pre with this statement

Ultra-low Latency

Monitoring latency is the enemy of any performer and if the performance isn’t excellent, the final mix won’t be either. By utilising the lowest-latency conversion available, coupled with a high-performance Core Audio driver, Red 8Pre’s analogue round trip latency is kept to an exceptionally low minimum of 1.67ms.
is the underlined area marketing lingo or does it pretty much state that it is kept at a 1.67ms as a max in most cases?

while the site for the 4pre gives this info and a link with a chart

Our lowest round-trip latency

Low latency is a specific Focusrite design goal. Red 4Pre's latency is so low that you can track with your preferred plug-ins and record virtual instruments in real time. This low latency environment simplifies your workflow, allowing you to run a single mix on your DAW for both overdubbing and mixing, with your plug-ins in place, all the time.
like shows latency changing with sample rate and buffer sizes, it specifically labels 4pre, there is no mention of 8pre

if 8pre indeed keeps a "ultra low" latency then it is better suited for monitoring and especially beneficial for live?