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I don't know what's so complicated about it.

Set the registry as I showed above - Install plugs - When the installer shows the location it's going to install, check that it's your VST folder you set in the reg + the companies name - If it's not then change the path... Hit install and the plugs show up in that folder. This is installing software 101. I've never had plugs show up in places I didn't want them to. If you don't just click next next next.. and actually change the location of the path if its wrong, then you would never run into this issue.

For example.. Let's say I'm installing JoeBlowAudio plugs(not real plugs!), and when I go to install the plugs the installer says the VST's will be installed in C:\Program Files(x86\vstplugins\JoeBlowAudio.... Well, we know that JoeBlowAudio hasn't set up their installers correctly and is not reading the VST registry setting I have set, so I just highlight that path or paths and change it to C:\VST\JoeBlowAudio and/or VST64\JoeBlowAudio depending on what I'm installing. (32 or 64 bit or both) Once done, hit install and the plugs show up in those folders.

Again, most installers check the registry these days, but there are some that do not. You will just have to keep an eye on it as you install them.