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Old 9th April 2017
Just want to chime in and share my experience with the Klasik's. I demo'ed a pair yesterday and bought them on the spot. I am coming from neumann kh120a and needed more bass as i make electronic music, but i didn't want to sacrifice the high or midrange quality i got used to with the 120's and i didn't want to buy a sub as i don't have the space and room for it.

Let me just start off by saying i have owned quite a few speakers in the past, yamaha hs80, dynaudio bm6a mk1, focal sm9 and the most recently up for sale neumann kh120a's. First things first, the stereo field on the Klasik's is simply astonishing! i can perceive where the sounds are a lot better than the 120's and they have the front and back depth which the 120's lack, to me they are definitely on another level!
A while ago i remember demoing Barefoot mm25 speakers, and remember i was blown away by their instrument separation and depth...upon listening to the Klasiks they instantly reminded me of the barefoots. I also listened to a pair of aeon's and they have similar sound signature but obviously a much bigger sound, price tag and physical size.

I am really satisfied with the Klasiks, they definitely are a step up from 120's, and i haven't even started burning them in yet!