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Hi Tchad,

I remember reading a few years ago that you liked to make pieces of art from old bits of metal and trash and that this past time has parallels with the way you approach your engineering. Are you still making pieces and are you still taking photographs?

I have just began taken photos with a Holga medium format camera and love the way this distorts and saturates normal life photos.

I hate to hear people take the view of recording as akin to a photograph, my retort is : what camera are you using? a pinhole, lomo, digital, what film what resolution etc. So from now on I often think of this when recording and responding to what I hear.

Its Sunday and I am feeling philosophical....
The parallel is 'found objects'. I don't think I'm good at starting from zero, in metal or music. If I see a rusty old piece of steel out in the desert and it hints at a face, a hand, a car, anything, I'll weld and pound it letting the shape guide me. Show me a clean, square bit of industrial steel and I'm lost.
I'm the same with music. I don't compose and I'm not good with an artist that doesn't have a strong character or sense of theirselves and what they want. I can help with an existing idea, not create one from scratch.
I do still take lots of photos but the welding has taken a backseat to studio ownership. I hope to get back to it next year.
Holgas are great, I use them with poloroid backs. I've got two pinholes also with poloroid backs, that are amazing.
I understand the relationship that people see with the two different mediums, recording music and photography(recording visuals). Both capture existents, a requirement for them to work. They don't start by creating but become something new once created.