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There's a registry setting for VST plugins in Windows and you generally want to set it before you start installing plugs. Also good to make your own folders for them. I just make folders on the C drive like this


32 bit plugs go in the VST folder and 64 bit go into VST64 and then obviously a sub folder for each company like for example C:\VST\Waves, C:\VST\Fabfilter.. etc

Open regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software - Highlight the Software folder and right click New -> Key
Type VST - Highlight that VST Folder - Right click - New - String Value - Type VstPluginsPath - hit enter - Right click again and Modify it and put in the location the VST folder you created. Keep in mind this is only the setting for the 64 bit plugins. We have to do the same exact process for 32 bit plugs but inside the Wow6432Node folder a couple down from the VST entry we just made. You right click that folder and start the process all over again and then you're good to go. Most installers should recognize the path and auto set the install to the proper VST folder but you just have to check them. Some of them don't.

Anyway, good luck!
Shoot, wish I had seen this before my last load. I set up 2 folders - one for 64 bit in the Program Files and one for 32 bit in Program Files(86) thinking this will be easy.

When the plugin gave me a choice? I put them in the correct folder. But many just loaded with no questions. So I still have around 8 or 10 folders.

There's the 2 I set up, Steinberg has around 4 loaded for Cubase between the actual program and the VST2 and VST3 folders, there's the Sonar ones, and then there are some in the Common Files folder. It is crazy. I know I've loaded things and I still can't find them.

Plus stated 64bit stuff is loading in the Program Files(86). It is just weird.