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I want to offer my report on the Kerwax Replica after spending a week with it courtesy of Don Morris from RMGI-America.

Kerwax Studio the designers, and Mulann Corp., the builder, call it a vacuum tube Processor. Aimed towards treatment of tracks, 2 buss, and in mastering.

I found this stellar hand built French unit to offer:

1. a really cool and appealing thickening effect to the sound

2. Very useable and beneficial as a "bottom-up" compressor. Used this way low level detail is brought up in the mix without compressing the whole program.

3. Trashing box--the engineer and producer can use the box as a distortion and saturation tool for tracks in the production.

4. Thickening Agent Extra-Ordinaire--adds girth and gain with variable emphasis on a wide variety of harmonics. One can pick the harmonics to be emphasized by using the tone controls and changing the bias control on the vacuum tubes.

In conclusion a highly useful box in modern production.

Sold in the US by Don Morris at RMGI-America. Price is around $4200.