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Old 5th April 2017
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It appears that Reaper has problems with iZotope plug-ins, and pretty much all of them, all the time, if you move them.

That might have something to do with iZotope's quirky authorization system, which allows you to store the authorization in the Registry or in a file on your hard drive.

I know the person on the link you sent me can't seem to resolve his issue, but have you tried un-installing your iZotope stuff with RevoUninstaller (free version) and then cleaned your Registry with CCleaner (free version)? Then, if you re-install iZotope where you want it (or, to be safe, wherever it defaults), I'll bet you a nickle it'll work again. Revo is much more thorough in removing files, and CCleaner will remove the remaining Registry entries. (Just don't reboot until you've had Revo completely remove everything.)

Sorry to hear about your problems with Reaper. I know I've moved VSTs in Sonar, Bitwig, Cubase, FL Studio and others. They all have quirks, but other than Pro Tools, I haven't seen one that limits where you can put VSTs.

Thanks very much for the help. I will try what you suggest if the below doesn't get me through it.

One of the responses in that thread showed how to edit the .ini file to pull out the fails. I've been forcing reaper closed each time it locks, editing out the fails from the .ini, and scanning again, and it looks like in a half hour or so of an install method that has never been included in any installation manual ever, I may wind up with them installed.

Fortunately, Reaper is just kind of a way for me to set up projects that I send to a buddy to work on. I use protools for the most part, but that's another story...

Thanks again.