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I do some of that was mentioned above.

In one DAW (Reaper?) I just point to
C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files (x86)
and it worked

I name them

I used to put the VST folder in the developers name
such as Native Instruments, Izotope etc. but sometimes
this is ignored by the DAW. Perhaps I should return to
this practice so at least I know what is going on.

I am still a bit confused about VST3 location.

the other problem is a few DAW's only give you one location to
point to for the VST's. The DAW may not like C:\Program Files
and C:\Program Files (x86). Now what?
What are you confused about the VST3 location?

I haven't found a DAW that doesn't like the "defaults" suggested by Steinberg, or what it finds in the Windows Registry (if it looks for them). And I've installed 5 or 6 different DAWs on my system (and others).