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I dig the Avantone CR-14. It's about $250. If you have a soldering iron and 5 minutes you can pop in a Lundahl transformer, and notch it
up to the same thing the more expensive ones are. Much of the very expensive mics just use the same parts that are made in China.
Wow, that gives me a great idea....
Also, there is a super cool company called Austin Ribbon mics, which offer DIY mics kits. If you have a few hours and a strong will, and
want to impress your friends with a mic, you made with your own hands. This is the jam.
There's a thread somewhere on this site where they did a blind test of a modded vs un-modded cr-14. If my memory serves, there wasn't a single vote for the modded version.

Personally, I have two of them... and I don't know what I'd want changed.. other than I'd like to have a couple more of them.

I suppose a cloudlifter would be nice when recording quiet sources.