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Bad experiences selling equipment on eBay. Particularly FireWire interfaces and monitors.(How many times do you need to be told you need a TI card?) Refunded at a loss. It worked fine after I got it back. Monitors-I entombed these in thick boxes, protecting the cones, then packing, then in the shipping box. "One is blown"..OK send them back and I`ll refund your $ plus shipping.."No I want you to pay me money to fix them"..are you out of your mind send them back, I`ll take the loss. 'No you pay me money or I`ll leave you a bad review". Go ahead. I`ve bought some "less than advertised" stuff off eBay, but that`s the chance you take.

Reverb-no experience, but I`d give it a try.

Craigslist- Have had good luck. No bad experiences, lots of transactions. Some killer deals. I`ve just learned if you`re going to sell a FireWire interface, the card goes with it. Here`s kinda the cool thing about Craigslist, I took it to the guys house, installed the card, and got it running, I SAW IT FOR MYSELF. I don`t really like having strangers in my house, mostly because I have a lot of high end equipment, but I have. Probably not anymore. I like the Reverb idea.