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Old 29th March 2017
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Originally Posted by Xkaarj View Post
I believe Softube fixed this ilok issue about 2 months ago.
I'm running the lastest versions of studio one/softube plugs (vst3). However I'm still running an older version of the ilok manager (3.1.4) latsest is 3.1.5. (the ''if it aint broke don't fix it'' attitude)

But according to your discription of the problem it seems to indicate something else might be wrong. The main issue with the ilok/softube/studio one problem was that studio one would crash when starting the program.

What you could do: (highly doubt this will fix anything)
-reset the plugin blacklist/rescan
-getting the ilok manager 3.1.4
-set studio one in compatibility mode (windows 8)
-or the nucleair option: complete new clean install of windows (includes plugin hell)

However I highly doubt that getting the latest ilok dongle would solve your problem.
Ahhhh you know what, I'm using VST2 whereas you're using VST3. Let me try VST3 when I get home from work, hopefully that fixes the problem!

Really appreciate your advice so far - cheers