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ok, how to put this...

sometimes I don't get people's taste in application GUI. While that skin looks neat from a visual standpoint, and the layout looks good, there is just to much going on. I find this is the case often with programs that are highly skinable, that all the skins are just slightly, or way over the top.

please don't take this the wrong way, cause visually that skin looks really good, the layout is great, but I can't help but like the simple GUIs best. Look at pro tools, dp, live and logic. all 1 solid color and the thing that need to be different colors are. for the most part at least.

in a music copy class I took the professor would say to get the most information across to the musician while using the least amount of ink possible. in other words, no unnecessary crap. I feel the same about ANY user interface. there shouldn't be a button, a color, a line, or a change in anything unless its there for a specific reason. I think you can accomplish that its still make it look good and artful. but its not easy.