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Old 19th March 2017
I think it's going to be expensive to top the mr816 in a significant way. That's a great sounding unit. It has excellent conversion and analog stages.

If the mr816 has direct outs from the inputs then you could just get another converter. But I don't think it does, meaning all of the inputs run through the converters. That being the case you'll need another interface.

If you're determined to get something else that actually can perform "better" then you're looking at the high-end prices for sure. Though to be honest I think any differences will be subtle. The Steinberg interfaces from the MR series (and their UR series) are sonically impressive (and they work well).

Prism Sound has the Titan. It has enough line inputs and outputs to feed and return to and from your signal processors. It also has 4 high quality preamps. It's pricey at 4k. The next level down with Prism is the Lyra 2 and I don't think it has enough line inputs and outputs to use in combination with the preamps for your needs. But that really depends on how you choose to use it.