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Man I just really skeptical ok? I've thrown away thousands of dollars on gear used by pros who have the justification and ability to collect all they want and only use the prize pieces I fell for on very specific things.

If 3U is making their own capsules it should be on their front page, this isn't even really about marketing it's simple common sense. I haven't even said who I work for so I'm not here to generate any sales, just another dude talking gear. I have no investment in whether or not 3U is successful or even my employer at the end of the day, I'm just trying to pay my bills and make good buys on gear while I follow my dreams like everyone else here.
That's fine. Nothing wrong with skepticism.

But several people have been responding to/correcting your perceived objections to these mics and you don't seem to believe us.

Either take our word for it or read the thread. There are dozens and dozens of clips, posted by lots of people. There are hundreds of reviews from people who've bought these mics. If you're really Another Dude Trying To Make Good Buys, then dig in and get the scoop for yourself.

That's how all of us got here in the first place.