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My views aren't exactly just guessing as I work sales. When you want to sell something you focus on its strongest aspect and wash over the weakest ones. A mic company which makes a larger mention of supporting components but barely even addresses the capsule, aside from a few pictures in its marketing, is suspect from my experience selling stuff.
Generalities. Nothing to do with 3U.

3U is not a retail company, which is maybe why you don't/won't understand this stuff.

Their website is not slick, their marketing is nonexistent. This guy's main bread and butter for 20+ years has been designing and building for other, established brands. He only recently started selling these designs directly.

None of your broad, sweeping generalizations apply here. It's not a normal "company".

Of course you aren't gonna read all 4500 posts. And of course none of us are going to pretend you have any idea what you're talking about.