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Fair enough, my employer is not a dealer for these so I haven't heard them but, I've heard all the major players in this price range.

If somehow a small start up has developed a capsule that completes with the pioneering firms I'm all ears but as I say, I'm skeptical.
A good place to start here would be gaining a clue as to what you're posting about.

You've got some broad ideas about the marketplace in general - which is of course fine - but you're attempting to apply them to a specific situation that you know nothing about and have no experience with. Sorry, but not even taking the time to give yourself a cursory understanding of this stuff before posting makes for...well, posts no one should take seriously.

The designer/manufacturer of these mics has been around for 20+ years, designing and manufacturing capsules and circuits for many other companies, some costly boutique names. It's not a "startup".

His capsules are precisely why these mics are good. They're also stuffed with the same premium components that people put in their high quality DIY mics i.e. Dale, WIMA, Fairchild, AMI.

Lucky for us, the electrons don't give a **** about the ways we decide the General Microphone Marketplace works A well designed mic with high quality components will always sound good, regardless of personal biases.

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