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I don't own any I'm just rather sceptical.

If I were buying below 1k I wouldn't bother spending more than $300 for cardioid only myself, then saving for something better, but that's just my opinion.
So you make a lengthy post in a thread of 4500 posts about a product you are sure can't sound better than other things out there... and it's from China where apparently people are just so slovenly and inept they are incable of any sort of quality level of design or manufacturing...even though they make the majority of parts in the mics you THINK are quality...and you haven't even tried any of the mics or own one?

And then you wouldn't spend more than $300 for a cardiod only mic...even though multi pattern 3u Warblers are $349.

Did I get that right? If I missed something let me know; I don't want to misrepresent your position