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Just purely mixing, three days. A binaural mix done for Sam Phillips record Martinis and Bikinis, track was 'Black Sky'. All sounds were sent through 10-12 different guitar amps or p.a.'s set up around the room and recorded through a Neuman Head direct to two track. A lot of the balancing was done by physicaly moving the amps (some were in metal trash cans) around the room.
That was fun. I won't say it's a great mix, but it was fun.
May I just add a bit of clarification -- you did not leave the studio for three days !!!!

Don't sell yourself short -- 'Black Sky' is a great mix, and I would bet the first of it's kind, if not the only one of its kind! In headphones it is quite incredible, and even as a stereo mix through speakers it sounds cool. I listened to that record a few days ago for the first time in ages. There are a lot of great things on it, Tchad. One of my favorites of yours...

Cheers and have fun!